On the Way to the Wedding Roadtrip: Reports from Jim — Day 9, Ayers Natural Bridge

Our road trip across the country on the way to our daughter’s wedding has begun! We’re taking the slow roads, avoiding the interstates, stopping to walk through the little towns we pass through if they catch our eye. For the next few weeks, we will be footloose and fancy free. And then we will be parents of the bride. So, please welcome my husband, Jim, to the blog. Jim is the photographer in the family, and he will be taking pictures and giving updates on the trip from his perspective.

Striking Out and Getting Lucky in the Wild West

Day 9, July 23, 2012

Overview: The plan was to leisurely reflect on the events and wonders of each day. Yet each day has been full and we end most days exhausted so blogging waits until the morning when we have much to do (and Kelly needs the computer for work stuff).  We have streamlined the process to transfer pictures to the blog, a process I still leave mostly to Kelly.

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