Revisiting the Wedding Roadtrip

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Our road trip across the country on the way to our daughter’s wedding has begun! We’re taking the slow roads, avoiding the interstates, stopping to walk through the little towns we pass through if they catch our eye. For the next few weeks, we will be footloose and fancy free. And then we will be parents of the bride. So, please welcome my husband, Jim, to the blog. Jim is the photographer in the family, and he will be taking pictures and giving updates on the trip from his perspective.

Drawbridges are Cool!

Day 5: July 19, 2012

A free breakfast of coffee and eggs for both of us. Back on rt 20 and rt f along Lake Erie.  Decided we needed better and more coffee so we stopped in Ashtabulah, OH; yes we finally made OH.  Took a walk up a cobble stone street to Point Park to see the Lake and a coal plant with an amazing chute that looks like a roller coaster (I left camera in car, used cell phone). It was a nice steep hill and Kelly kept right behind me.  While at the top we heard sirens and the bridge we had crossed a few minutes ago began to open; for a small fishing boat. Only a dinghy could get under the bridge when it is down. The Bridge has this amazing cantilevered cement counter weight that swings down. I imagine it falling loose and crushing the waiting traffic as it rolls down hill.

We didn’t have a destination today, just head west and get across the metropolises of Cleveland and Chicago. I spent two summers in Cleveland, and Kelly one, when I was at NASA and really liked the city and area but did not see the need to “do it” again. Similarly we spent 3 days or so in Chicago a year ago.  Without a fun destination I made one up, Geneva-on-the Lake, OH. Turns out Geneva is a candidate for this years Rand McNally/USA Best of the Road “funnest town”.  Since we (Kelly) were desperate for coffee we stopped, as I mentioned before (I am completing this blog two days later so continuity may be a bit rough) we stopped at the first nice place we saw, even though it was only about 15minutes to GotL (Geneva-on-the-Lake).  Turns out it was a long 15 minutes as we got our first downpour of the trip while we were snug in the coffee shop. Kelly caught up on some web stuff and I decided that Eddies would be our lunch stop, a 50’s ish food place in GotL.  It was still drizzling when we arrived but found parking as some one pulled out of the lot as we pulled in. Place was crowded but a few tables open.  A burger for me and a foot long hot dog for Kelly was good, and pretty cheap.

Last we were in Cleveland the new stadium was just going up, very impressive as we drove by.  Ended up in Toledo area. While we intended to stop and eat we didn’t until 8ish. Came to a very busy area and ate at a Chiles (salad for me, steak for Kelly and Sangria for both). While we ate we looked for hotels but were suspicious of very low priced places (I was pretty tired). Food was fine and we decided to drive some more. In a mile came to Petersburgh (I think). A lovely little town that had a farmers market we had just missed. If we had known we would have eaten someplace here.

Few miles later found a Comfort Inn and got one of the last rooms for 99. Took a quick swim then bed.

Tomorrow is another day without a destination.




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