Revisiting the Wedding Roadtrip: Report From Jim: Ben & Jerry’s

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Our road trip across the country on the way to our daughter’s wedding has begun! We’re taking the slow roads, avoiding the interstates, stopping to walk through the little towns we pass through if they catch our eye. For the next few weeks, we will be footloose and fancy free. And then we will be parents of the bride. So, please welcome my husband, Jim, to the blog. Jim is the photographer in the family, and he will be taking pictures and giving updates on the trip from his perspective.

Hole in Door

There used to be a deadbolt in that hole.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Wedding: Vermont – A Nice Inn, with Undertones of Stephen King

Day 2 – July 16, 2012

K went to get breakfast and work while I showered. She couldn’t get the door open. The dead bolt knob turned but the bolt would not retract.

Front desk sent up maintenance but they could not open it. They were about to send some one to the 2nd story roof to climb in the bathroom window.   Before they could do that I remembered I had my house keys( no car keys, no screwdrivers, etc) so I was able to walk the bolt back and get the door open.  We now have a hole in the door.

Breakfast includes amazing assortment of  homemade muffins, including chocolate chip. I had mine with maple butter. So much for carb loading. Gotta get back on the no carb horse but hard when traveling. Especially with free, amazing muffins.  I planned to breakdown later today as we go to Ben and Jerry’s factory.

Kelly is still trying to get work done, I want to hit the road, it is nearly 10.

Going to take Rte 12 through the White Mountains. This road was damaged by Irene and just fully reopened in late June. Atlas says it is closed in winter.  It is called the Kancamagus rd.

Monday plan was to take scenic 112 through the white mountains of  NH on way to Waterbury, VT.

The gps, which is in many ways wonderful, more on that later, doesn’t have an easy way to make your own routes. I could not find  112 so went to the IPad. But does Google maps have North up or heading up. Plus I saw a sign for the road coming in to the hotel so all my instincts said turn left, yet Kelly on the Ipad said turn right (just to not keep you in suspense she was right, sort of).  Eventually we should have turned right  onto 113 but I turned left. Became convinced I was going the wrong way and went back through North Conway yet again (it was good to see StoryBook land again, place is looking good).  Eventually I noted we were back on way to cog railroad so pulled over, found 112 on gps and dropped a pin.T (Ben and Jerry;s).

All was good and had  great views and a fun drive, lots of vertical. Only trouble was we didn’t get started until 11.  Moe back roads, and just a bit of interstate got us to B&J.  We had 40 minutes until the next tour (place was crowded) at 2:40. We hadn’t eaten since 8 or so (remember muffins) but B&J ice cream did not seem a good idea. Along a path there  were trucks selling stuff, in the food area was a lemonade stand and a truck with a wood fired brick oven making  (those were the choices). K and I each had a huge slice of pizza ($9). It was very good and we were very hungry.  We had paid $8 for the tour (4 each).  Tour took about 30 minutes and ends in the tasting room where we all get a shot glass worth of ice cream.  Todays treat was a strawberry with white chocolate pieces. It was fantastic (and not for sale).

We also visited the graveyard of dead flavors, some lasting less than a year, others for over a decade.  We just had to buy some ice cream (and we shouldn’t have, we didn’t need any more) But we did and it was pretty good, not as good as what we had in the taste kitchen.

On the road , Rt 2 to Burlington.  Drives right by U of V which looked very nice. Didn’t realize it was much older than U of Maine, about 75 years.  They have a medical school and no football, they are wiser than we are.

A few blocks later we hit Lake Champlain.  Parked (50 cents for 30 minutes) and walked along the water front. As hard as I looked I couldn’t find Chessie.

Drove south on 7 and hit some heavy traffic.  We had been seeing gas at an amazing steady 259 so when I saw a 253 I filled up (details in car- still had plenty of range). No goal in sight but south and west.  Found a neat little bridge across the Lake into New York near Ticonderoga.  We drove by the fort but it was closed (pretty late). Kept driving and trying to figure out eat, hotel and which one first.  ATT service was extremely spotty so Kelly couldn’t do her Ipad thing so we just drove.

Eventually she found a Best Western with an unknown rate.  We ended up in Saint George, a big resort area with a lot of neat stuff but we were very tired and hungry.  The BW had only 1 room with double beds and a bit pricy so I walked.  A Rodeway Inn was across the sleep.  The desk clerk was very nice and she offered me a discount off the AAA rate  so we got a room with 2 queen beds for 99 (+ tax).

Then where to eat (it was about 9 pm ) Clerk mention a place she liked, she didn’t mention the entrees were high 20’s each, so we decided to find an Applebees (we had seen a sign on the way).  It was a bit of a slog (6 miles, remember very tired). It was VERY good. Kelly got a berry Sangria (I took a sip and it was amazing, wish I could have had one). We did the 2 for 20 and I  got the Bourbon St chicken and shrimp. Kelly a chicken and pasta.  The appetizer we chose were these potato chip things with a great sauce. We had them before and knew we liked them. Calling them potato chips doesn’t so them justice.

My plate was sizzling, and the potatoes cooked just the way I liked them so I ended up eating them as well.  We both agreed that that place was fantastic.

Until later.



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