Frankenstorm and Novelists Inc Conference 2012

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Back From the Abyss

You may have noticed I’ve been absent for a while.  Or, conversely, you may have forgotten I exist at all.

As co-chair of the 2012 Novelists Inc. conference (held last week in White Plains, NY), I’ve been snowed under with last minute conference details and life has felt a bit like a hurricane for a month or so.

Ironic, eh? The conference (theme: profitable partnerships) went off spectacularly, although news of Frankenstorm managed to penetrate the conference bubble and most of our attendees hastily changed plans and managed to get out of White Plains a little more quickly than had been planned. Good thing, according to the news I’ve been following.

I’m home now, and I still have power, so I’m combing through all the fabulous information I got from the conference to figure out what I’ll be working on for the next year. I’ll share my top three insights:

  1. It has never been a better time to be a novelist.
  2. My career is in my own hands.
  3. Banding together with other authors for support is the best kind of partnership there is.

Can’t wait for next year (Myrtle Beach, SC, October 24-28 again). Our theme: The Author’s World. More deets coming soon.



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