On the Way to the Wedding Roadtrip: The Wedding!

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Kelly here again (you didn’t think I’d let Jim have the fun of talking about the wedding, did you?) Thank you for hanging in with us as we reported on our roadtrip to the wedding. Apologies for taking so long to get to the main event. We’ve been sifting through pictures and memories while resuming our normal lives. We were blessed to have many pictures from friends and family to choose from, but that takes time…and space.

The trip to the wedding was worthwhile, but the wedding was… perfect from the little ribboned bell sticks to flower petals strewn along the path to the ceremony site, to the thoughtfully prepared and nervously spoken wedding vows.

One post can’t possibly do this justice, so we’re going to dedicate the next week to pictures of the wedding (including behind the scenes shots and tributes to everyone who contributed to make this event perfect in every way). One of the things about doing a wedding as inexpensively as possible is that the wedding party and families do much of the work. We have a lot of people to thank, and we’ll be thanking them in the next few posts.

But today is reserved for the Wedding ceremony. The raison d’etre for the gathering and the roadtrip.

At Last — The Wedding

We should start with the waiting groom and his officiant Jacob (a good friend of the couple; this was his second time in the officiant role and he did a fabulous job).

Next came the flower girl, Lena (utterly adorable daughter of my cousin Sean and his wife Alana). She did a lovely job of scattering flower petals as she came up the aisle, although she was unsure of what to do when she got to the end and still had flowers.

She debated whether she was supposed to go back and scatter some more, but was persuaded she’d done a great job and could stay put.

There had been some discussion about whether Jim wanted to take the traditional role of walking the bride down the aisle. That was an affirmative. Father and daughter made their way down the aisle (with daughter whispering, “Faster, faster!” …or so I hear.

I’d had a hard time picturing the yellow and gray wedding colors, especially given that the setting was outdoors. The wedding party made a stunning tableau.

The beautiful bridesmaids were Kristen’s (and now Pete’s) great friends and my only niece.

The handsome groomsmen and the officiant were all Pete’s (and now Kristen’s) great friends.

The ceremony was touching and meaningful, as they read their vows (and stumbled a little, which was captured on the video for posterity).

They were proudly presented as a Mr. and Mrs. for the first time as they walked into the reception.

And then, it was official…time to party (see reception coverage in tomorrow’s blog).





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