June Wedding Blitz: Ella Ardent Likes How The Best Laid Wedding Plans Can Go Awry

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I goofed! I was supposed to feature Ella Ardent on the blog last Thursday and I spaced (Note: the reason I spaced is that The Ex-Files was in the last stages of being readied to release on July 15th … see the gorgeous cover my genius cover designer Kelly Pernell did in the slideshow at the top of the page…by the end of today). So the June Wedding Blitz gets a BONUS day today, as we welcome Ella Ardent to put a little sizzle in the summer!

The Best Laid Plans…

For many of us, a wedding is probably the most thoroughly planned event of our lives. There are halls to book and caterers to arrange, dresses to have fitted and tuxes to be measured, napkins to be chosen and music to be selected, vows to be revised or reviewed and prayers to be made for good weather on the day in question. There are hundreds and hundreds of decisions to be made – including the guest list – and each one of them can be the source of conflict. Weddings famously start squabbles. The smart bride plans well and plans early, making choices before anyone else in the family can get ideas, much less put them into action.
But no matter how well planned a wedding is, something always goes wrong on the big day. Sometimes it’s a small detail, and sometimes it’s huge. The idea of the best laid plans going astray was the inspiration for my new erotic romance series, The Wedding. (NOTE: the series is not yet for sale, but you can find out the scoop on the release date by going to http://ellaardent.com/the-wedding).
I wondered how much could go wrong without the characters sacrificing their respective Happily-Ever-After. I’d rather explore the possibilities in fiction than in real life, but the fact that the series is fiction means I could have a lot of fun.
The Wedding is a trilogy of erotic romances, all set during (surprise) a wedding. Each features a different couple, taking a detour en route to HEA.
Just to amplify the strain on relationships, the bride in my series (Jessica) is determined to have the wedding of her dreams. She’s set the stakes high, and insisted that she be married on a Caribbean beach with all her friends and family around. The wedding has been booked at a resort that specializes in hosting such events, but not everyone in the family is thrilled by the cost of attending the festivities. Although I can understand Jessica’s desire, this kind of plan has always seemed ripe for trouble to me – in fact, Jessica and her groom are at odds over this detail before the series even starts.
I like the idea of playing with people’s reactions to this fantasy wedding. The maid of honor is Jessica’s best friend and her reaction would be the same no matter where the wedding was held – her best friend is getting married and Christine doesn’t even have a date. She resolves in the departure lounge at the airport to do something about that. A trip to an exotic locale is the perfect chance to make a change and take a risk. Her story is told in THE BEST MAN.
A great many people would think a trip like this was a kind of vacation – in fact, the cost of attending such a wedding might mean that it becomes their vacation. What do people do on vacation? They tend to let loose and have fun, and that’s what one of the bridesmaids decides to do. The resort is filled with gorgeous men, so Fiona is determined to celebrate her own unmarried state. When she forgets her responsibilities to the bride, that undermines her friendship with Jessica in ALWAYS A BRIDESMAID.
And the happy couple-to-be are at odds in the days leading up to the big event. Jessica’s not a bridezilla, although her groom is starting to think she might be one. She doesn’t understand why he’s not more enthused or cooperative. They come to the brink of calling it off in FOREVER BOUND – it’s not really a spoiler to tell you that love conquers all and they win their HEA after all.
You’re invited to a wedding, one at which a great many things go wrong but everything ultimately goes right.
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