June Wedding Blitz: Kimberly Llewellyn Reveals The Patron Saint of Brides

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Please welcome Kimberly Llewellyn to the blog today. Kimberly, who is fittingly known as “The Wedding Writer” has a surprising tidbit to reveal to us today — the Patron Saint of Brides. I didn’t know this. Thanks for enlightening us, Kimberly!

picture of kimberly llewellynWho Is the Patron Saint of Brides?

The answer may surprise you.

 Once upon a time, many, many centuries ago, three young sisters lived at home. Their father, a merchant, fell on times and they were very poor. Unfortunately, no one would marry these girls for they had no dowries. In order to survive, they faced the reality of turning to the streets and living a life of prostitution. If that happened, then no one would ever marry them!

A wealthy man heard of their terrible predicament and wanted to prevent them from facing this wretched kind of life.

So he filled stockings with gold coins, climbed the roof of their home, and dropped the stockings down the chimney. That way, each sister would have a dowry.

The girls regarded the anonymous gift as a miracle. With dowry in hand, one by one, each young girl found a suitor, became a bride, and lived happily ever after.


Ever since, this generous man had become the patron saint of brides.

This patron saint may not be celebrated during wedding season too often, but he is celebrated annually during the holiday season. Specifically Christmastime. This man is known for his generosity through endless gift-giving and that’s why he’s the patron saint to so many groups, including unmarried girls, children, and the needy.

The patron saint of brides is Saint Nicholas.

Yes, Santa Claus himself.

almost a bride cover

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About Kimberly Llewellyn

Known as “the Wedding Writer,” Kimberly Llewellyn is the best-selling author of Almost a Bride and Siren Call. Her humorous women’s fiction and romantic comedies have been published by Kensington and Penguin/Putnam. If you’d like to know more about Kimberly, check out her website http://www.kimberlyllewellyn.com, Follow her on Twitter, Like her on FaceBook.

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    Kim, I love having an interesting trivia fact to stump the family with at the wedding! That will tell me who *really* read the blog, and who just said they did 🙂 Pinterest is proving surprising fun. I do try to pin things that have a PinIt tag on the page. Just for caution’s sake. But there are a lot of things with PinIt on the page.

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