June Wedding Blitz: Jillian Dodd on Planning A Wedding with a Wedding Board

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Please welcome author Jillian Dodd to the blog today. Jillian planned out her character’s wedding on a wedding board. Sounds like a perfect application for Pinterest these days, doesn’t it? Since I’m someone who isn’t all that visual, I can see how useful this would be, whether planning a wedding, or planning a book. Not to mention fun!

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Using Pinterest to Plan a Wedding … or a Book

In my new book, That Wedding, I had a blast planning out an entire wedding for the characters in my series. Because the book was about their engagement and wedding and she would be planning the wedding throughout the book, I had to actually plan out every detail. From the perfect dress to their wedding gifts to each other, all the little details are sprinkled throughout the story of their life.

In the first book of the series, That Boy, you follow the characters growth from age 10 until age 22. Knowing my readers would be invested in having the perfect wedding for these two, I immersed myself in online wedding sites, bridal magazines, and wedding shows.  I had a lot of basic details picked out then went to a sorority sister/wedding planner friend of mine and said I need help. She reread the first book and came up with so many ideas to make the couple’s wedding personal.

I started out with photos pinned up on a bulletin board over my desk, but then progressed to Pinterest, and finally came up with some overall planning boards.

We started with the colors and fashion. The bride chose purple because it was her mom’s favorite colors and one of hers as well. The bride and groom had a little fight over the custom Nikes he wanted to wear, but she let him have his way. The dress is princessy and fits his nickname for her. And the flower girl is wearing angel wings as a way to honor some special people in their lives that passed away. Note: The picture to the left is a quick idea, for more, visit Jillian’s That Wedding Pinterest board or visit her website.The ceremony hanging alter is reminscent of the trees the couple played in as children. The aisle runner is a bold black and white graphic that fits the couple’s bold personality and combined their three colors of black, white, and varying shades of purple. The purples started out pale and icy, since the wedding took place during the winter, but then progressed to deeper shades as the evening’s events progressed. The couple wrote their own vows and the gift that the groom gave his bride was amazing. (I have to thank my mother for coming up with the idea.)Cocktails featured all their favorite food in bite sized form and are mentioned in the book, as is their signature cocktail. The ceremony had a wintery feel to it with it’s white icy tree centerpieces, pale linens, and flowers. The bride had always pictured her wedding with huge chandeliers, candle, and lots of flowers. They also choose a rooftop ballroom that featured views of the Plaza Lights in Kansas City.The reception and dance portion of the wedding is where you see the deeper shades of purple come into play. From the lighting to the lounge furniture. The cake chocolate with white frosting, which is the bride’s favorite and the groom’s cake was red velvet, his favorite and indicative of his love for Nebraska football. The bride also changed into a purple party dress, and the groomsmen did a surprise choreographed dance.Then came the fun afterparty. The bride actually surprised the groom with this portion of the wedding. The couple is young and recently graduated from college, so she wanted to do something fun for their friends. So while everyone was enjoying dinner and dancing, the ceremony area was being transformed into a sports-themed after party complete with pool tables, darts, and kegs of beer from plastic cups. Their food presentation featured all their favorite breakfast foods in minature form.

Overall it was a great experience for me as an author although I’m dying to get married again. My husband is of the opinion that once was enough!

Thanks Jillian, I think you’ve given brides (and writers) a great new idea to play with! Find more about Jillian on her website, or Follow her on Pinterest.

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