Turtle Mom Wedding Whinesday: Pinterest — Blessing or Curse for Wedding Planning?

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Daughter came for a visit last week. It was wonderful (and not just because her arrival ushered in a series of record shattering 70 and 80 degree days). We got a chance to sit down and do some number control (phew).

I also found out she has a Pinterest page, so I immediately Followed her and repinned some of her wedding stuff to my rather barren page. If you are on Pinterest, you can check me out here: http://pinterest.com/kellymcclymer/ I hadn’t really been sure how to use Pinterest, but now I’m getting an idea of the evil excesses of being able to make photo boards for all my dreams and wishes.

The nice thing about Pinterest is that it puts visuals to what she’s been telling me in her wedding planning updates. I confess to having been unsure of her colors: gray and yellow (not that I said a word — this is her wedding). But looking at the pictures, I can see how lovely it will be.

She’s also chosen cupcakes over wedding cake (I think this is trendy, but I can’t really say why).

I could imagine the flavors when she named them (raspberry lemon, chocolate, chocolate carrot, red velvet…yum, no trouble parsing those words into sensory reality). But I couldn’t quite see what the mass of 200 cupcakes would look like. Pinterest to the rescue.

Lastly, she wants her father and brothers dressed in gray suits with yellow ties. What color gray? Yellow? We stressed out a bit when she was vague (she’s probably still trying to decide). But there is a picture on Pinterest. And we can add more to come up with just the right combo.

I feel like I can see what she’s going for so much better. But now that I have a Pinterest page for the wedding…can I possibly avoid adding my own suggestions to the page? How can I not make comments on her new wedding Pins?

Oh well. Only a few more months to go and then we’ll be there, dancing and eating and laughing and crying. Then we won’t need a Pinterest board, because everything will be Pinned to reality, all decisions made and too late to change a thing.

I wonder if there’s anything I can Pin to show how impatient I am to be there, and yet how much I relish this planning stage before the whirlwind couple of days that will be the wedding?

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