About a Blog – Kay Cassidy Tries to Change the World

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Okay, I said I would stop being so serious, but I needed some help, so I’m turning to Kay Cassidy, who is very good at making the serious seem fun. First, she runs The Great Scavenger Hunt Contest on her website, which is a way to connect teens to libraries and YA books. If you’re library isn’t participating, speak to your librarian!

Then, she writes (look for The Cinderella Society in April — how can you resist that title?!?).

Lastly, she inspires through her two blogs, the You 2.0 blog, inspired by her characters search for self-improvement in The Cinderella Society and the Living Your Five blog, where Kay and her cohorts (Alyson Noel, Becca Fitzpatrick, Tera Lynn Childs) talk about how to accomplish making the world a better place by doing just a little toward the five things you want to improve most about the world).

Go visit Kay, and think about becoming an honorary Living Your Five member. Though I haven’t joined officially, I have been inspired to look to see what I can do around me.

And don’t forget to have fun while you’re changing the world. If Kay can do it, so can you.



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